Forget red or blue, Manchester is now green

Following the opening of the ReFood Widnes AD plant in late 2014 – this summer sees the launch of ReFood to Manchester’s business community. This campaign was designed to highlight the ‘greener, safer, cheaper’ benefits of food waste recycling with ReFood and drive new customer acquisition from food retailers, manufacturers and the hospitality sector.


Propaganda created an integrated campaign to resonate with Manchester businesses, which centred around the message: “Forget red or blue – Manchester is now green”.

Whilst raising awareness of the benefits of using ReFood, the new campaign also challenges existing “food waste recyclers” already operating in the area and clearly outlines why “life is greener for businesses on the ReFood side.”

The campaign also offers businesses the chance to switch and save with ReFood with a 3 month half price trial. So, they can experience the benefits for themselves, without having to commit to a long-term contract.

As part of the campaign, we took a promotional team to the streets of Greater Manchester, fully kitted out in a “Team ReFood” football strip. Our team then handed out the ‘ticket to greener, safer, cheaper food waste recycling’ to a selection of targeted retailers and manufacturers of food. These tickets introduced in detail why businesses should ‘make the transfer’ to recycling their food waste with ReFood and includes a matrix of how ReFood ‘out performs’ their competitors on many levels.

To raise awareness in the surrounding area, we additionally commissioned an ‘ad van’ which carried two ‘billboard style’ sides, each containing messages about the campaign and the promotion. The vehicle made regular visits to the areas around ReFood’s key prospects.

Last week also saw the start of a 3 month sponsorship in the Greater Manchester Business Week – a publication read by the region’s key business decision makers. This sponsorship encompasses headers, adverts and editorial, which will highlight the ReFood campaign to local businesses and encourage them to make the switch. This sponsorship is supported by online activity on the Manchester Evening News website.

The result is a campaign that will appeal to ReFood’s prospects on both sides of Manchester’s football divide and ensure that ReFood is in a league of its own when it comes to food waste.