Daval Furniture Flings Open Its Doors To The Public… for the first time since ’78.

A few significant things happened in 1978 – Argentina won the world cup, the first IVF baby was born, Superman ‘The Movie’ was a massive hit, and we even saw the first female newsreader on television. Fitted bedroom furniture was also the latest ‘thing’. Never before had people been able to make the most of their alcoves like this – and Daval was quick to jump on the trend by offering some of the most beautiful, stylish and quality fitted bedrooms on the scene.

And since then, our client Daval has done nothing but be first to act on, even predict, emerging interior design movements; adding fitted kitchens to its portfolio in 2006, gaining itself a rep for being the first to always offer something a bit ‘different’ and launching its groundbreaking option-i technology in 2008, allowing it to make bespoke fitted furniture for any room, any space, in fact, any crazy design notion – its strap line Individual Possibilities was born.

Previously only available through approved independent dealers, Daval is now taking its next monumental step in history by launching Daval Direct. Now Yorkshire-based customers can literally visit Daval’s HQ in sleepy Slaithwaite (some lovely pubs, by the way), and enjoy the personal touch and ultimate in service – from design to installation.

The main attraction is the complete ‘Daval Home’ – a concept which we had the pleasure in helping to bring to life – which visitors can walk through to see how its bespoke furniture solutions and technology can be used cleverly in each room, with some breathtaking results. It’s also a great way to see just what can be achieved with Daval’s Option-i technology.

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Posted by Claire Anderson