Bright Sparks Set to Power Up the Next Generation

CNG is reaching out to the next generation of energy users with an education programme – delivered from concept to creation by Propaganda –  to help children get smart with energy. The lesson pack is called Bright Sparks, and targets primary school pupils aged 7-11, teaching them the basics about energy: how we use it, where it comes from and how we can be more responsible with it.

During Brand Discovery, we identified a lack of knowledge about energy, which manifested itself in fear. Fear of switching, fear of loss of supply, or simply fear of making the wrong choice. We traced this back to a knowledge gap about energy, which begins at a young age.

Propaganda worked alongside CNG to research, design and produce the lesson plans, which aim to tackle the widespread fear and doubt around energy supply at its root. We helped channel CNG’s expertise into fun, engaging content that aligns with the business’s bold identity.

CNG is taking its ‘Power Up’ message into the community and the classroom, with lessons inspired by the imagery of superheroes, whose powers help others, save the world and destroy fear. There is also a Design Your Own Superhero competition, which comes with the prize of £500 worth of book vouchers for the winning school, and the opportunity for pupils’ work to be displayed in the CNG offices.

It’s an initiative that’s got us and everyone at CNG really excited, as we look to make a real difference in the industry, while stamping CNG’s unique mark on it. We’ve even got CNG parents on board to help with the rollout.

We’ll be working with Harrogate’s flagship newspaper, The Harrogate Advertiser, and other selected press in order to promote the initiative. CNG has high hopes to roll out Bright Sparks on a national basis, following initial launch exclusively to Harrogate primary schools.

After engaging CNG on a Discovery over a year ago, we’ve worked alongside the team to completely transform the business and brand. Our knowledge-driven insights and creativity combined with CNG’s enthusiasm and specialisms have helped create a powerful identity that stands out from the crowd.