Ann Summers Introduces Turn It On

Whoever you are, whoever you want to be, Ann Summers has the power to help you Turn It On.

Ann Summers own a unique position in the market. They are a brand that speaks to every woman: across ages, personality and sexual experience. So with Propaganda’s latest campaign for the iconic British retailer, Turn It On empowers all women to be as sexual as they desire.

Like the extra sass a swipe of red lipstick provides, or a great pair of heels that lifts you physically and emotionally, the campaign celebrates individual confidence that starts from the inside but is clear for all to see. Because whether your style is cute and sassy, or a little bit saucy, Ann Summers has the lingerie that ensures you both look and feel unstoppable.

Live across Ann Summers retail stores and online throughout September, Propaganda created the campaign from initial concept through to photography working with photographer, Julia Kennedy.





Nothing is more pleasurable, or powerful than sex.

It makes us feel good about ourselves, both in and out of the bedroom. 

We should celebrate it, not hide from it.

But sex goes way beyond sensation. 

Sexuality is every woman’s right.

It is yours to own and do with what you wish. 

Because when you feel unstoppable. You look irresistible.

It’s time to rise above judgment, and truly explore your desires.

Welcome to a new era of sexpression.

Because whoever you are, whoever you want to be. 

Ann Summers will help you Turn It On.