Alisa Connan makes us smile

A few months back we were faced with a problem. We had a client (XEN-TAN) and we had a great idea, but we couldn’t find anyone to shoot it. We trawled through countless portfolios, to the point where our eyes were sore and our fingers were sore and our minds were sore and everything was just, really sore. But to no avail. Yes, we saw some great photographers with great images, but there was always something wrong. The models were too cold or too ‘pouty’, or had no sense of real personality. No good for what we wanted: we wanted perfection.

But then we stumbled across the fine work of Alisa Connan. Alisa doesn’t just shoot fantastic images, she puts personality and energy into her shots, she makes skin look smooth and beautiful, and she has the remarkable ability to make people smile. Tick, tick, tick, tick. (That’s the sound of four metaphorical boxes being ticked, not four seconds passing by.)

To top it all off Alisa is a pleasure to work with, has heaps of energy and enthusiasm, and a beautiful Australian accent that could bring a smile from the most cold-hearted person. On a rainy day. With a hangover. Whilst watching that scene in Bambi where her mother gets shot. That’s how good Alisa’s accent is.

Below is a selection of Alisa’s portfolio. You can see more of her work here, and the XEN-TAN images she shot for us here.

Posted by:Lee Bennett.