Looking to the future

Kirsty Cowan explains why Boxing Orange felt the time was right for a total brand review, and how what they uncovered will revolutionise their business forever.

Even in a relatively ‘young’ sector like Information Security, standing out as different and relevant in a fast becoming commoditised marketplace is a challenge, particularly for smaller organisations.

At the end of last year, the senior team at Boxing Orange felt the time was right to ensure they remained compelling to their existing customer base, as well as engaging for future prospects and business partners. So, they commissioned Propaganda to independently review their brand’s positioning, performance and profile. Ultimately, they aimed to understand how to maximise the potential of their business.

Discovering Boxing Orange’s difference
We embarked upon a programme of Discovery to put our principle of ‘knowledge before assumption’ into practice and to gain a 360° review of the business and its market context. We interviewed a sample of staff, business partners and most importantly, customers, to gain their needs and perspectives on the present, and their aspirations for the future.

So, what did we learn?

Permission to get closer to customers
Our research demonstrated that, on top of their technical infrastructure, there was an increasing opportunity and need to better understand customer’s business strategy, objectives, and long-term ambitions. In light of this insight, Boxing Orange has developed a new consultancy process to support and engage in more thorough strategic dialogue.

Raising the profile of security
You only have to open the morning newspapers to see that Information Security is becoming a far more serious threat to business performance, reputation and customer experience than ever before. However, our research showed that Boxing Orange has an opportunity in raising Boardroom awareness of the importance of a proactive and future-focussed security strategy within organisations.

A new proposition
So what of the brand positioning for Boxing Orange? Discovery demonstrated that customers believe it has a clear difference and an important role to play in protecting and planning their future security landscape. Boxing Orange is seen as an expert and agile business that can deal with the ever-changing Information Security challenges customers face.

The new brand proposition, ‘Tomorrow’s Security Today’ and supporting brand communications are a direct articulation of a clear customer need, coupled with a belief about the Boxing Orange difference. It has now been explored and embraced by every member of the Boxing Orange team and will be the driving principle as the business moves forward.

A brand of the future
A strong and successful brand is not established overnight, and over the coming months there will be significant time and effort devoted to ensure the new brand promise is delivered effectively for stakeholders in every area of the business.

So watch this space. Because ‘Tomorrow’s Security Today’ isn’t just an idea – it’s a promise.

To read Boxing Orange’s latest Journal, download here.