100 days of beautiful hair. Kebelo, the foundation of a beautiful brand.

We took on the challenge to create a beacon of clarity and transparency in the cloudy and confused hair-smoothing market, and Kebelo System was born.

Six months ago, Propaganda was commissioned to explore the potential for a new brand within the hair-smoothing market.

The ‘permanent blow dry’ has been big news amongst hairdressers and consumers over the last year, but none of the current brands out there are taking ownership of the market, let alone the safety, regulation and legislation of this emerging industry.

However, we were in the position to work with a new concept that was proven to be different, safe AND effective – it was hairdressing gold dust, and all it needed was a brand…

We wanted to create something that had both gravitas and a premium feel, to offer reassurance and clarity to the hairdressing world, but also present the first ever retailable, professional brand to salons.

After a programme of Discovery into the market place, a period of creative development and packaging design, Kebelo System was born, with an easy-to-understand positioning statement ‘The Foundation Of Beautiful Hair’ – a unique, three-step smoothing treatment that simply leaves the hair beautifully frizz free and completely manageable for one hundred days.

Kebelo System is also committed to offering a straight-forward, transparent and honest service to salons with one-to-one training and materials, as well as driving a change in legislation, to ensure the hair smoothing or ‘Keratin treatment’* industry is regulated.

Propaganda will provide ongoing trade and consumer PR, social networking and brand development management to Kebelo Systems as the brand grows. It is set to launch in selected London salons next week, followed by national roll-out.

Laura Kynaston, Propaganda’s joint managing director says: “Through our work with existing professional hair care clients, we were aware of the industry, and that is was perceived as ‘confusing’ and ‘crowded’, so this was a challenge we were delighted to take on – and I think we have cracked it”

“Our research has identified a massive opportunity for the ‘right’ brand to enter the market, and it’s great timing to take advantage of the interest and demand for hair smoothing. We are looking forward to helping Kebelo System capitalise on this growing demand”.

*Kebelo System is keratin and formaldehyde free.

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