Green, Neutral and Awesome

We began working with MagnaColours approximately two years ago, a water-based ink manufacturer from South Yorkshire. After putting their business and their brand under a microscope we discovered that they were more then just water-based inks providers, there were industry innovators. MagnaColours had an advantage, they could pinpoint industry challenges and were in a position to make a lasting environmental impact, which is why together we helped them turn a vision into a reality. After a year of research and development we created GNA – a new standard of excellence in the garment printing industry.

Standing for Green, Neutral and Awesome, GNA is two things. It is a certificate of compliance, cooperation and sustainability for printer’s brands and retailers that commit to using safe and sustainable inks. It is also as a consumer facing eco-brand that identifies safely printed garments instilling buying confidence in the retail world. As the world’s strictest standard, GNA aims to exceeds the strictest retail substances lists (RSL’s) from leading retailers such is Nike, Indetex and Levi’s.

Although still in its infancy, the GNA label will be featured on the influential sports and fashion brands, quickly transforming GNA into a badge of respect, giving end consumers the peace of mind that apparel has been printed using safe and sustainable inks.

Those who meet the GNA standard and use the individually tested GNA accredited inks, will by default be compliant across all major-retailers, thus meeting the consumers demand for a cleaner, greener and more sustainable supply chain.

GNA was officially launched at the ISS long beach 2017, where the response was nothing but outstanding. Screen-printers and brands alike congratulated MagnaColours on their bravery, for creating a standard specifically for water-based and solvent-free printing inks, something that before now didn’t exist.

The GNA movement is only just beginning, as more brands and retailers join the revolution the GNA standard will evolve, not stopping until the garment printing industry is truly Green, Neutral and Awesome.