Work, work, work, that works.

We’re always hard at work in the Propaganda office, endeavouring to produce great work for our clients. And over the past few months we’ve produced some really, really great work, and we wanted to show it off. So, we’ve lovingly produced ‘The Works’, a limited edition box set of A2 posters of some our recent projects.

We called it ‘The Works’ not only because it contains our work, but because we make a special effort with all our projects to ensure that they’re not only creative and pretty, but they’re also effective and deliver tangible business results for our clients, we call this ‘Work that Works’, and you can see examples of those results in our Case Studies.

Limited to a run of 100, the posters within the box feature some impressive collaborations with leading industry creatives including cutting-edge make-up artist Alex Box, photography and art direction duo Warren du Preez & Nick Thornton Jones, as well as photographers Todd Selby, Mathew Shave, Iain Crawford, and Alisa Connan, and has examples of projects for Habitat, The SOPHIE Lancaster Foundation, Illamasqua, Boost, Xen-Tan and Neäl & Wølf, to name just a few. We really like it, we hope you do too.

You can see more images of The Works here.

Posted by Lee Bennett.