Why instagram is simply instagood


What do babies, cats, food, fitness, selfies and inspirational quotes have in common? They’ve all played their part in propelling Instagram into second place in the social media playing field.

Last week Instagram – short for INSTAnt camera teleGRAM – took over Twitter with 400m active users, which came as no surprise to us as we’ve seen our own clients’ Instagram accounts rocket and even supersede Twitter over the past 12 months.

What I really like about Instagram is its simplicity. From an online PR point of view, I just love how the platform allows brands and normal people to be so brilliantly creative and clever by going back to basics with its limited and unpretentious functionality.

And as it gets bigger and increasingly successful, I just hope it doesn’t become too sophisticated. Because its uncomplicatedness is what makes it beautiful.

Instagram’s wide appeal has inspired lingo like no other social network. Love them or not, looks like this collection of hashtags are here to stay:

#Latergram… the very nature of the word ‘Instagram’ means capturing and posting in the moment. But wait a minute. #Latergram.

#TBTs – Throw back Thursdays. Because we liked it so much the first time around.

#Instagood – if you say it’s good, then it must be good.

#OOTD – Outfit of the day. Don’t just wear it. Share it.

#Foodporn – your lovely dinner, mmm.

#Fitspo – You’ve been to the gym and you’re pleased. Post a pic.

#Regram – reposting somebody else’s image? Make sure you credit them with a tag.

Which IG hashtags make you #instahappy #lovelife #happyhappy #laugh #feelgood #happier #smile #sohappy #excited #happy #love?