What’s been ‘appening in Social: May

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From cat beards to bankruptcy, May has been a busy month for Social Media news. Here’s a low-down of some of the top Social Media news stories and campaigns from the last few weeks:

Let’s get down to business

In Social Media business news, Yahoo! has purchased Tumblr for $1.1 billion – leaving the technology world split down the middle about the potential threats and benefits for users (and businesses).

After struggling to keep up with its rivals, Facebook and Twitter predecessor, Bebo, has filed for bankruptcy. Myspace is still hanging around though. Somewhere.

In Facebook news, they’ve introduced a nifty new feature to allow users to share how they’re feeling and what their doing. Nice touch. Whatever next? Hashtags, apparently!

Oh and Twitter – they’re launching a new advertising option ‘Twitter Amplify’ to enable brands to promote short video clips. VICE, BBC, VEVO and Fox are already beginning to use the service.

What’s in the reports

In a report published by YouGov, 80% of 18-24 year olds have never clicked on an ad on Facebook mobile, despite Facebook’s claims that a third of its Q1 revenue came from mobile.

YouGov also found that Facebook usage is down 9% on last year in the UK. Do you still use Facebook?

Tesco has been hailed as the leading brand for Social Customer Service, in a study conducted by SocialBakers, with an average response time of 81 minutes in 65% of tweets.


Campaigns that make us go ‘Oooooo’

Weetabix launched a lovely little interactive campaign using Vine to launch their new Breakfast Biscuit. In a series of Vines they asked people to determine what the outcome of the next Vine should be. Clever.

Samsung launched a nifty ‘Tweet to meet Robbie Williams’ campaign, asking people to take picture of 60 branded black cabs in and around London and Tweet it to Samsung for a chance to go and meet him backstage, on his latest tour.

Mercedes took a bold step in trying to elevate the issues of congestion, whilst positioning the Smart Car as an SUV alternative, in Moscow – where large and illegally parked cars are a real issue in the city. Large cars were towed and drivers were offered the chance to test drive a smaller Smart Car on the way to pick up their existing car from the pound. The video, plus content from the 623, hit the web and went ‘viral’.

When Social Media backfires

So you’re driving along. You knock down a cyclist. You drive away without checking they’re ok. Then you Tweet about it? Doh! This teenager didn’t think she’d get caught out – however the cyclist tracked her down, and passed her details onto the police. Ooops.

Plus size blogger Jes M. Baker was sick of Abercrombie and Fitch saying that their clothes were for ‘cool’ and ‘popular’ kids only. In a series of photographs with a conventional model, Baker mimics Abercrombie ads, using the strapline ‘Attractive and Fat’ –  to direct harsh criticism at the brand for their approach of shaming overweight teenagers. It worked.

Meme of the month!

Cat beards. Dog beards. Cats with cat beards. This meme has taken the Internet and Social Media by storm – and it’s made us chuckle in the office too. Pretty cool eh?



Until next month!