Twitter is 10

Twitter turns 10 today. How time has flown. 

In the last ten years, we’ve launched some pretty significant Twitter accounts, including @SeabrookCrisps, @CloudNineC9, @NealandWolf and @TheCarPeople. 

Some people are saying Twitter’s had its day. We’ve certainly seen its role change and evolve over the years – where once ‘micro blogging’ dominated the social media landscape, streaming, video and images have now taken the lead. But sometimes, only words will do. 

We think Twitter still has an important role to play in joining and leading conversations. We’ve definitely experienced a shift in the way businesses, brands and people use it, but as far as we’re concerned, Twitter’s journey isn’t quite over – more of a case of a different road, as other social media channels alter the environment.

What do you think? Is Twitter still at the top of your social media pile, or as it lost its mojo?