The Fresh Awards

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Award shows. We’ve all entered them. Filled out all the forms. Printed our work onto foam board. Packaged it all up nicely. Posted them off like an anxious parent waving goodbye to their young on the Club 18-30 holiday to Magaluf – crossing our fingers they’ll do us proud. Well, last week I was proud to be able to follow the work and to experience the judging on the Advertising jury of the 2014 Fresh Awards. Led by Bil Bungay (remember the Hello Boys ad – he did that) and held at Warwick University – it was two days of deliberating, cogitating, chin rubbing, I like this, I don’t like that, what the hell does that mean, hell I wish I’d done that. But more importantly, it was two days of seeing some really really really great work. Work that made us think, work that made us laugh, work that was refreshingly new, work that was bold, work that I watched again when I got home. And my favourite piece? Well, of course, that’d be telling. You’ll just have to see the winners at Fresh in October.

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