The Car People Spring Campaign: BTS

Last week we were on set with The Car People, filming their next two TV ads. We’ve been working on the concepts, scripts and storyboards for The Car People’s most ambitious TV ad campaign yet for several months, following on from the great response their last ad, ‘How Car Buying Should Be’, received. Like the previous ad, these new ads will feature a blend of real world and animated action.

Together with our partners Finger Industries, we have spent the last few weeks preparing for the shoot and had covered every eventuality for the big day – but none of us could have predicted the incredible luck we had with the weather! On Tuesday we took advantage of the high temperatures and glorious sunshine to capture all the external shots at The Car People’s Sheffield showroom. As it is their largest site, we had plenty of opportunity to show off the huge selection of cars on display. A life size cardboard cut-out of the star of the show, our ad’s hero Martyn, was used to make sure the composition of each live action shot was perfect before Finger Industries add our animated characters over the top. After gathering our internal shots, on Wednesday afternoon we wrapped up a successful shoot. Our thanks go to Finger Industries and our fantastic production team for making sure it all went smoothly and we captured the beautiful shots we needed.

The first of the two ads is due to air at the start of August on ITV and Granada, so make sure you keep an eye out for Martyn (and a few new faces as well!).