Taking the press (well, their hair) to new heights…

Last week, the Propaganda PR ladies arrived at The Penthouse Pavilion suite, at The Dorchester Hotel in London on a mission to launch a new and very exciting product for Cloud Nine.

After three years of development, TheO, the next generation in heated rollers arrived, and it was up to Claire and I to WOW the media. Easy.

Careful planning, and teasing went into making the launch a success, as we wanted to excite the guests in the lead up to the event, without revealing exactly what the product was.

The final guest list included the hair trade media and glossy women’s fashion media, including Grazia and Company magazine to name a few, as well as freelance beauty writers and beauty bloggers (very influential). For the media that couldn’t attend, which included the likes of Sunday Times Style, Stylist, InStyle, Tatler and Elle we arranged desk visits to introduce them to the product.

When we arrived at the hotel, we were swept away into a private lift, that ferried us to the top suite, fully equipped with it’s own kitchen and butler (s). So, you can imagine the look on our faces! The room was a mix of tradition and class and the views from the balcony were breathtaking… Just like TheO really!

We’d arranged for Steve Carr, senior stylist at premium salon to the stars and the elite of London, Jo Handsford to come along with two hair models, to demonstrate how TheO works =

Each guest was allocated a 30 minute appointment slot, which allowed us to take them on a journey of Cloud Nine and how the brand has evolved, to the birth of TheO. We then sat them down with Steve who demonstrated the power of TheO, showing them how to create different looks with different sized rollers. He then showed them how to use the rollers on themselves, and allowed them to try out the roller on themselves,

There was a real buzz throughout the day and TheO was a massive success with the media, having already been featured on Elle online.

Style said “Wow, it’s actually like magic, what a great product”, and when Grazia saw the result from the product they were completely blown away.

The following London salons are already stocking TheO Daniel Galvin, Nicky Clarke, John Frieda, Errol Douglas, Richard Ward, Jo Hansford, Michael John and Stannard & Slingsby, and this number is set to rapidly increase over the next couple of months, so watch this space.

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Posted by Samara Bott and Claire Anderson.