The international fashion weeks have now wrapped up, but in addition to the flocks on the catwalks, there were some social media moments that really stood out for me this year.
The Givenchy show at Paris Fashion Week kicked off the social buzz by requesting all backstage attendees bag their phone in a bid to prevent any images being leaked. Whether they genuinely wanted to keep things hush-hush or just wanted to create hype around the show they succeed with images of bagged mobiles going viral.
Screen shot 2014-03-05 at 09.54.14
Tommy Hilfiger used a different approach to get its brand noticed during New York Fashion Week by arranging an #IstaMeet at the show. Instagram meet ups have been happening for a few years now, but in a bid to stand out in the over populated fashion social media scene Tommy Hilfiger, in stark contrast to Givenchy’s social philosophy, believed hosting an #IstaMeet would ‘democratise the runway experience’. By inviting a variety of less known bloggers and Instagrammers to catch, snap and share the experience gave way for the brand to be seen by a wider and more diverse audience. Nicolas Ghesquiere’s debut Louis Vuitton show the brand embraced social media. You could say the show invite almost manipulated Twitter’s concept by getting a bigger message out there – more than you would ever be able to fit in 140 characters.
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And, last but not least, did you see the amazing, colourful supermarket set from the Chanel Paris show? Obviously images from this fantastical, satirical show were shared on social media within seconds.
chanel-supermarket_paris_fashion_week_chanel_shopping_center_karl_lagerfeld_3_collabcubed (1)