Set shutter speed to ‘good god, he’s good’

Cooler than ice in James Bond’s Martini.
Eye sharper than a hungry eagle.
Shutter finger keener than a trap 5 greyhound.
Part Megatron, part Vagabond – introducing the mighty Kareem Black.

Born in Philadephia – the city, not the popular soft cheese – but now based in New York, he started a career in music photography and celebrity portraiture in 2000 and has since worked with some of the planet’s most talented people. Spike Lee, Michael Stipe, Moby and even… yes… The Burger King.

Most recently he’s been shooting with us in London. Sadly at the time of posting we can’t tell you who it’s for, so you’ll just have to check back in a week or two. Well, we could tell you, and we wouldn’t even have to kill you afterwards, but it would cause difficulties for everyone.

What we can say is it was a big success and Kareem did an amazing job. He’s a great guy to go for a beer with, and more importantly, a great guy to have in front of you taking the shots. 

Look lively in August/September – this campaign’s gonna rock your world/knock your socks off.

Check out Kareem and see more of his work at:

Posted by Ben Bateson