Seabrook Get A Taste of Galaxy Radio.

It’s not everyday you get to hang out with Galaxy radio… Well actually, it seems to be a regular occurrence for myself, and John Tague the MD at Seabrook Crisps. Having shown Hirsty and his Daily Dose team (JoJo and Danny) around the crisp factory in Bradford several months ago, John Tague and myself were invited back to the studio to get a taste of the radio world.

Well, this morning can only be described as utterly bonkers! For any of you who tune into Hirsty’s Daily Dose on a weekday morning, you will be able to appreciate where I am coming from. The three of them, all born and bred in Yorkshire, are not only Seabrook mad, but are just mad in general (and I am sure they will agree).

We were greeted at the door by Giles, the producer and Danny Oaks, one of the three presenters who welcomed us with a huge smile followed by…

“Can I just say, I absolutely LOVE Seabrook Crisps, especially Canadian Ham, have you got any?”

This is when John revealed shed loads of boxes stacked up in his car for the team to indulge in… And that they did!

We then entered the studio, which was like walking into an auditorium packed full of stand up comedians. We listened to them banter with each other, read out the news and play a number of tracks. We then got the chance to put on the huge headphones they wear and listen into what goes on, which is pretty ace!

Mid-way through the show, Danny grabbed a bag of Seabrook crisps and Hirsty started talking about Seabrook, their factory visit and how much they loved the crisps. They then passed the mic to John and I for us to join in on the conversations.

The morning was fun filled and we can’t wait to return…Galaxy’s a bit like Seabrook really, once tasted… well listened, loved forever!

Posted by Samara Bott.