Retail expertise comes to the fore

Between us, you’d be hard pressed to find a sector we didn’t have experience in, but one thing unites our process: a strategic, insight-led approach.

And because of this expertise, we were asked to attend a retail breakfast with Insider magazine, where our Planning Director, Julian Horberry, talked through our insights and experiences in that sector.

Christmas is a vital time for most retailers, and the resulting article, which brought together experts in the field, explored the challenges and opportunities on offer. During the debate, Julian highlighted that the relationship between the retailer and the consumer was changing at a fast pace: “Behaviours have changed, loyalty is harder to come by and shopping habits have transformed. Trust has never been more important as information is more readily available.”

He went on to talk about the changes necessitated by the ways customers approached the shopping experience: “The consumer may shop online, but they get credibility, loyalty, trust and experience of the brand in a different way. It has to be accepted that we will never again fill every high street with every brand – any brand that is in any city has to do it differently.”

Read the full article in November’s Insider magazine.