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This week, see’s the launch of Ann Summers most innovative sex toy range to date. Featuring exclusive Climax Technology, the Moregasm range promises to deliver your best ever orgasm. Guaranteed.

As the leading experts in pleasure, Ann Summers own a unique position on the high street: the only retailer to offer the full erotic mix across lingerie, sex toys and sexcessories. However during the Discovery process, we identified that the brand had begun to shy away from this difference, with sex toys falling to a secondary communication and overshadowed by online competitors.

Following Propaganda’s strategic and creative recommendations, the launch of the Moregasm range signifies another stage in Ann Summers now celebrating and re-owning their position. Branding their new ownable technology unavailable anywhere else, and placing the range front and foremost across the retail footprint.

And with sales reaching new highs, it’s clear Toys are a serious business after all.