Propaganda Appointed as CNG Plots Path Towards £1bn

We’ve been appointed to undertake a Brand Discovery™ for leading independent commercial gas provider CNG. The resulting strategy will help shape their future direction and drive their ambition of securing 10% market share of UK SME commercial gas supply.

The business has a turnover approaching £200m and caters for a range of commercial gas customers, from factories and national restaurant chains to small family firms.

CNG Managing Director Jacqui Hall said: “We’ve appointed Propaganda as they are experts in brand and business strategy. We know that we have a great business and are doing many things in an industry-leading way, but this process will allow us to gather insights from a range of partners, and will help us shape the future of our business. We’re looking to further understand the intricacies of our market and leverage the right opportunities that will accelerate our growth. Our work to date has established us as the credible alternative to bigger commercial suppliers, with a first class customer service focus. Whilst cementing our reputation, we’re looking at ways to expand that ethos to more customers.”

Propaganda Managing Director Craig Harrold said: “CNG are a Yorkshire success story, and it’s clear they’re held in high-regard by industry experts and customers alike. We’ll use our award winning consultancy model to expose opportunities that can drive them forward and help deliver a future strategy worthy of a business in their position. Our work will look at ways to further elevate the brand, in an increasingly competitive marketplace and bring them recognition from a wider customer base.”

Our proven consultancy model draws on a wide range of sources, to help unlock transformational change in an industry, sector or business. The resulting strategy will aim to deliver a proposition that will differentiate CNG from competitors, communicate key messages and attract new customers.