Presenting my presenting workshop


My alarm goes off.

It’s 4AM.

This means one thing.

I’m off to the big smoke for a D&AD workshop in presenting creative work.

But, if there’s one thing I don’t like, it’s being the centre of attention. So you can imagine my equal measures of mega excitement and all out terror.

As the train roared through another village I didn’t recognise, I felt like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz skipping down the yellow brick road on my way to London. Excited about the journey, but a slight trepidation about the big bad wizard at the end of the road.

Whilst the day didn’t quell my sheer terror of standing up in front of people and talking, or stop my hands from shaking worse than one of our client’s best sellers, it was a totally inspiring day.

There was none of the traditional “stand like this” or “breathe like that”, but more of an insight into how to get across that creative essence of what I’ve done, and more importantly, why I’ve done it.

Scattered throughout the day, which was lead by Tom Evans (ex Creative Director of TBWA, along with a long awe-inspiring list of credentials), we inevitably had to stand up in front of the group and give talks on various things. The nerves didn’t dissipate but I grew more inspired and more excited about the industry I work in, as the clock ticked.

Tom told me there wasn’t a secret recipe to ridding myself of those nerves; the best thing I can do is get up and talk. Again and again. Until, well, I don’t give a shit anymore.

A definite influence on me, it will inform how I speak about my work from now on, whether it’s in front of a boardroom full of clients or the account team.

I could try to ramble my way through trying to explain everything I learned on the day, but instead I’d much rather show this Pecha Kucha by Tom.