Our Second Bite Sized Briefing: Pizza, Pop and Progress.

Yesterday we had our second bite sized briefing.  Our monthly team update to review the progress of current projects and upcoming ventures (most of which we can’t show you right now, as they’re TOP SECRET Shhhhhh!)

But here are a few things we can tell you…

The Car People team showcased their new 90 second TV ad, which you can watch here:

Then there was talk of Propaganda’s 20th birthday celebrations… more news to follow.

Lee Bennett, Design Director, announced the introduction of our ‘Interesting nights’ a platform for us to talk and explore all things creative… pics to follow.

And Laura Kynaston, Managing Director, shared an insightful and exciting update into what’s round the corner for Propaganda.

Here a few snaps from our second bite sized briefing…

Pizza Two

Pizza Three

Pizza 4