Meet our new Social Account Executive, Hayley…

Hayley 1

I’ve recently joined the team at Propaganda to work on accounts including Neal and Wolf, Kryolan, Crystal Clear Skincare and The Car People. In my last agency back in Sheffield I spent my days writing about toilet roll, trains and gas – which was all good fun – however when the opportunity came up to work at a fab agency in Leeds – well, I had to go for it.

Social Media is something I’ve always been passionate about. Back in 2005 I was a HUGE MySpace fan-girl, I flirted with Bebo then fell in love with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more…. I also love writing. There’s nothing better than well-crafted content, whether it’s Online as Social Media, or Offline in the form of PR. That’s why I work in Social, I suppose.

I’m also deeply interested in how people use Social Media, why they use it and why people consume content the way they do. I’d like to study and research it more at some point…. Yep, I really am a Social Media geek!

Sheffield is my hometown and although I’ve only lived there for five years, I’m a steel-city girl through and through. When I’m not working I can be found baking, throwing dinner parties, getting muddy in the Peak District or rummaging for vintage furniture in the antiques quarter. Music is my first love and I have a penchant for accordions and hip-hop brass bands.

Made in sheffield

On top of all that, I also write a daily food blog called My Food Challenge. Inspired by the film Julie and Julia, I set myself a challenge to blog about food every day for the whole of 2013 – I must be crazy. I’m 5 months in, with6 months to go. I’m sure the team at Propaganda will keep me going.

Here’s one of my cakes!

Cake 2

Hayley 2