Meet Our New Senior Designer… Dave

David S Header Photo

Hi, I’m Propaganda’s new Senior Designer. A Liverpool supporting Yorkshire man from Lincoln. I’ve been living in Leeds for nearly six years now, and I only drink Yorkshire tea so I consider myself adopted.

Before arriving here, I worked for a digital company over in Manchester. Although I loved the Transpennine Express trains (seriously don’t get me started) I jumped at the chance to get back to God’s own county and work at Propaganda.

Before I became a Yorkshire man, I tried my hand at being Australian with a three year stint in Sydney. With a healthy fear of the sea bred from a certain XXXX lager (let me tell you the crocs didn’t eat all the bloody sharks, there’s plenty still there) and a longing for proper bacon I returned to our fair shores.

Now for 5 facts you don’t really need to know:

I’m apparently responsible enough to have a child (My old teachers won’t believe this)
I own more cameras than any man needs
I love cooking but I can’t bake
I refuse to buy my own underwear (What are aunties for?)
I have the knees of your average centenarian

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