Meet Our New Creative Artworker, Lizzie…

After living and working in London for the last 4 years I became homesick for the North and decided it was time to head back to Leeds, a city I had previously loved whilst studying Visual Communications at Leeds College of Art & Design.

So I packed up my things mainly a lot of books and Frank (my cat, rescued from Hackney) and headed back to colder climes. After a month freelancing in a few agencies in the city I gained a 4 month position as temporary Creative Designer at Opera North followed by a stint working on the UN climate convention out in Doha.

Lizzie 1

I was then approached about a job for Illamasqua which I jumped at the chance to interview for. Being a huge fan of the brand not just for the beautiful make up and campaign images but for the all encompassing ethos behind the products from the zero animal testing to the  unique stance on make-up in a market saturated with bland and marginalised ideals of beauty; I was stoked to get the chance to showcase my work and interview. Luckily Illamasqua took me on and I have been loving every minute since. I have been fortunate in my career to work with some respected brands but Illamasqua is definitely one of my happiest career moments and I am so excited to be part of the team.

Outside of my work I am a huge fan of movies, music and animals, spending most of my time involving one of these pursuits. I love David Attenborough documentaries or movies by pretty much any of these directors: Park chan-wook,  Guillermo Del Toro, Wes Anderson, Jim Jarmusch and absolutely anything with Bill Murray in apart from Garfield for obvious reasons. I love being back in the Yorkshire countryside after too many years in the urban jungle of Hackney. However getting this close to nature at a recent trip to the Yorkshire Sculpture park made me re-think getting at one with wild animals. I guess wearing faux fur and trying to stroke cows is not the best idea.


Lizzie 3


lizzie 4