Lights, camera, insight.


No day is ever the same in our Planning team but I experienced an exciting ‘first’ recently, when I was invited to attend the Guest Excellence seminar at the HQ of the world’s favourite shopping channel, QVC.

My trip to QVC was all part of the run up to the launch of one of our client’s latest brands, with this interactive seminar a key part of the Preparation Program we created ahead of their upcoming TV show.

In my role as a Planner, ‘knowledge before assumption’ is a mantra I live and work by and, ever keen to turn ‘what I think ‘ in to ‘what I know’, this QVC task was no different.

With the new brand, quite literally, going live next month it was crucial for me to study in detail, analyse and research this most unique of media to fully understand what motivates QVC’s consumers to buy and buy again. But on a deeper level I also needed to understand the extraordinary connection between the consumer and the trusted authority that is the QVC presenter.

This rich insight gained, coupled with the advice and specific techniques we observed have armed us to ensure the new brand makes a real splash on its debut.

The QVC experts kindly shared a wealth of information with us and we had a blast with the hosts and set team. But aside from the buzz and anticipation of the upcoming show, when you consider the average QVC viewing time can be as short as just 45 seconds it reinforces the importance that the new brand’s proposition needs be as clear as it is compelling in order for it to truly engage with the QVC viewers quickly and with ease.

As if the thought of appearing on live TV was not enough to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, it’s twice as exciting when you think of the forum the new brand will have. Here are just some of QVC’s vital statistics:

QVC reaches over 22 million UK Homes
QVC is watched by 3.5 million people in the UK every week
One in five UK households have shopped with QVC at some point in time
QVC welcomes 30,000 new customers each month

Surprised? I was too. I think you’ll agree these are statistics that any retailer would be proud of.

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Posted by Lucy Sheridan.