Kryolan in 70th Heaven


It’s a year of celebrations. We recently turned 21, and now our client, Kryolan Professional Make-up, is celebrating an impressive 70 years in business.

Founded in 1945 by chemist Arnold Langer (still active in the business), the brand has achieved scientific breakthrough-after-breakthrough to become one of the world’s most powerful make-up companies. All the while, retaining its family values and commitment to creating the best possible products for professional make-up artists using Arnold’s scientific approach.

Last week, Kryolan’s Chairman and Arnold’s son, Wolfram Langer, invited partners from across the globe – including us – to the proud unveiling of its stunning newly extended production facility, where it has been based since 1971, to marvel at the vast space and new state of-the art technology.

To this day, this is where the make-up science happens – over 10,000 products for fashion, beauty, TV, film, theatre and body art are created in over 1,000 colours, shipped to more than 100 countries, and its all down to one man.

Back in blighty, we marked Arnold Langer’s feat with a series of social media content designed to remind the brand’s legions of social media fans just what this fantastic family has achieved for the professional make-up industry over the last seven decades. And that make-up is indeed a science.

Congratulations Kryolan. Here’s to the next 70 years of #MakeupIsAScience.