James Curran, aka SlimJim studios, is a super-talented animator and director. One of his many awesome projects is a series of looping gifs, just a few of my faves here.

Especially the unwilling Brexit rocket. Clever.

London animation studio Animade have created a brilliant web-game called Party Pooper, in which you need to employ ingenious methods to remove some shifty party-squatters from the main characters gaff.

Milo, the designer and animator responsible for the concept, was inspired by one of his own soirees. ‘I was having a New Year’s Eve party and it had gone past the point of being enjoyable, so I set about trying to poop it.”

To finish up, I’m sticking with Animade and some brand new additions to their aptly named and super-funny animations called Propz.

Here’s a box-fresh one:

And here’s the original full suite in one place, for your viewing convenience. Aaaah, Binoculars is my absolute favourite!