Introducing the Junior Creative Team

Hi, we’re Rickie and Laura and we’re currently in our 10th week interning at Propaganda.

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 09.27.18

We are a junior creative team who graduated in July from the University of Central Lancashire, with a BA Hons in Advertising.

The first thing most people notice about us is the height difference… Rickie is 6″6 and Laura has yet to reach 5 feet. We met on the first day of uni and have bonded over our shared love of country music, pizza and bad documentaries ever since (hello Honey Boo Boo!).

Since graduating, we’ve done placements at two different agencies in Manchester, and dabbled in a bit of freelance social work. Now here we are at Propaganda, where we can usually be found in a corner somewhere eating and re-enacting Cher.

Enough facts about us. Here’s some (hopefully) more interesting things.


It Felt Like I Knew You… 


George Ferrandi is an artist who pretends to fall asleep on people and captures their reactions. You can see more about the project here.


The A-Z of unusual words




The A-Z of unusual words is an illustration project by The Project Twins. The rest of the project can be found here


Oh and one last thing before we go, it’d feel wrong not to mention Rickie’s pro baking… which we’re currently treating (bribing) the office with.