Origami Fox

It’s that Thursday time again. No, not the thirsty bit, the interesting bit.

Origami Fox

Beautiful Origami from a Vietnamese chap called Hoang Tien Quyet, using a technique called ‘wet-folding’.

Check out the lovely little stop motion video on his flickr page.

Origami Mouse

Origami Pelicans

Origami Steer

Here’s a lovely animated film featuring a miniature green, felted ape exploring the outdoors. Created by Marc & Emma to encourage home gardening in Belgium.

You might recognise their work from this other award-winning animation featuring two woolly wrestlers.

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Street-art made of bits of tyres and installed around the ’tomato district’ of Barcelona, also known as the ‘Manchester of Catalonia’, which I’m pretty sure is a bit of diss.

Anyway, certainly livens up a tired looking landscape. Ha.




Can’t say I’m a fan of Pizza Hut pizza, but turning a pizza box into a film projector is an inspired idea from Reed Collins and Ogilvy, and would have tempted me to buy one. Unfortunately you have to live in Hong Kong to get your hands on one, so I don’t have to worry about it.

pizza hut

Watch the video to see how it works.

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This one’s particularly relevant, as Cancer in one form or another is affecting a few people I know at the moment. Happy Ending Agency have collaborated with Breast Cancer Awareness charity, CoppaFeel! and, with the help of 24 artists from around the world, curated an exhibition of work around the theme of fairy tales, folklore and mythical creatures.

Check it out here and maybe buy a print.




Finally, I saw the brilliant Stewart Lee on Monday, nothing cheers me up more than a Stewart Lee clip. Here’s one of my favourites.