Great Balls and Fire

If you were in London on Saturday 5th June you will have seen lots of things. The London Eye, perhaps, or maybe Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. Or perhaps you live in London, and the rain kept you indoors all day, so all you saw was your TV. But if you were in London on 5th June in the Coronet Theatre on New Kent Road, you will have been witness to something truly unforgettable: the 3rd Annual Bizarre Ball.

This eclectic mix of alternative burlesque, performance art and music was, as the name suggests, totally Bizarre, and provided the perfect opportunity for us to scout the crowds. With the Illamasqua’s Autumn/Winter 2010 campaign already in production the search was on to find the perfect face for their new collection.

With plenty of alter-egos on display the Illamasqua VIP Lounge was set up to enhance guests already stunning looks with Illamasqua make-up.

It was also where you could find the Sophie Lancaster Foundation Memorial Wall, where people from all walks of life could leave messages of respect. The finished banner will be given to Sylvia, Sophie’s mother, to hang in the new charity Headquarters.

If you’d like to see more images of the Ball, you can see all the Dare to be Differents over on the Illamasqua website, in the Alter Ego Gallery. Or if you’ve developed a taste for a genuinely bizarre trip to the capital next year you can find out more here.

Posted by Natalie Hargreaves.