Generation X, Y and…C

Demographers through the 20th Century have striven to put people in boxes- ‘Generation X’ has been widely used as the term to describe those born after the Western post Second World War baby boom ended and ‘Generation Y’ followed as a way to label those born in the 1980’s.

I recently read a report published by Booz & Company that profiled and outlined some of the predicted trends relating to ‘Generation C’ and how these people may shape the world of 2020.

Generation C is said to comprise people born after 1990 and that lived their adolescent years after 2000. The meaning of ‘C’ has been open to discussion for a while but it can stand for connected, communicating, content-centric, computerized, community-oriented, ‘always clicking’.

Through our strategic brand work we have been working with these ‘Digital Natives’ and living in their world for some time now. It is however, interesting to see some predictions of how things might develop in the coming decade as Generation C continues to come into its own.

To discover for yourself how this Connected generation may transform the consumer and business landscape, you can read the article here.

Posted by Lucy Sheridan.