Fact Not Fiction

dark desires blog image

So when the brief arrived at Propaganda to develop their Spring 2015 campaign, the launch of the book’s film adaptation, in cinemas worldwide from this Friday, was a key consideration. However, as a British institution in all things sex, should Ann Summers’ simply follow the lead of E. L. James?

Instead Propaganda developed the campaign on one central proposition: Fact, not fiction.

Don’t live life by the book, don’t just watch the film, but instead come to Ann Summers and we will help make your darkest sexual desires a reality.

The resulting campaign was the high street pleasure retailer’s most erotic to date. However, as a brand that has always sought to empower women, there is one key shift. Rather than the submissive Anastasia, in every image of the campaign, the female takes the dominatrix role: in complete control of the situation.

So whether you are watching the film this weekend, or avoiding the crowds, there is only one destination to visit: Ann Summers. The answer to your dark desires