Don’t make a hash of your hashtags

Here at Propaganda we love a good hashtag. They’ve cemented themselves as one of the most effective tools for marketing and are increasingly crucial in the world of social media. Hashtags are a great way to promote your brand, making them easier to discover on social. They harness the power to follow or highlight trends, have the ability to create a buzz and ultimately generate a conversation.

The power of the hashtag is great, revolutionary some may say – yet brands occasionally misuse them or find difficulty in discovering the perfect hashtag. A hashtag faux pas can frequently result in backlash.

For instance, ASDA have recently launched their Christmas campaign #BecauseitsChristmas, they’ve certainly done the job in making us giddy for the festivities but have also left us asking the question – could they have used a hashtag that doesn’t need an apostrophe? Missguided have also fallen into this trap with their #cantisabadword campaign. Surely the grammar police are going to be the first to jump on this.

Our tip is to keep it bold, simple and relevant….and make sure it reads correctly. Not like the epic Susan Boyle blunder. #Susanalbumparty.