Do you Anaerobically Digest Your Lunch?

I did something a little different this lunchtime. Instead of digesting my sandwich in 0.25 secs, I went to see other peoples food being digested. Anaerobically Digested.

At ReFood, the UK’s number one recycler of food waste, they have a state of the art Anaerobic Digestion facility where food is broken down by bacteria. The gas generated from that bacteria is turned into renewable energy and used to power anything from a fridge freezer to an office block. They also generate a fine line in fertiliser from this process, perfect for farmers fields or your back garden petunias.

An in depth tour of the site was undertook where I got to see all the ins and out of the plant, the processes involved and some of the most technologically advanced capabilities in this sector – all perfect planning for the great work we’ll be launching for ReFood in April.

Great day all round – and they even had chocolate cake and coffee to finish.

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