Dear Diary


Once upon a time, people used to write their private thoughts, worries, highs and lows in their diaries, for their eyes only. Nowadays people diarise their every move on social media – for everybody’s eyes!

Peyton Fulford is a 20-year-old photographer and digital artist from Georgia, who has created a project inspired by how we put everything on social media – and turned it on it’s head by taking these private thoughts off the internet and physically placing them in the real world.


Abandoned Love’is a participatory photo series in which Peyton asked people from all over the world to submit private thoughts, diary entries and text messages via tumblr.  She then created banners featuring the words and placed them on abandoned buildings as a sort of guerrilla art installation.

Peyton’s concept was focused on heartbreak and the idea of abandonment that matches perfectly with the abandoned buildings.




She took her inspiration of taking things back from the Internet from Anna Ladd, whose daily blogging over the last six years has changed her concept of privacy.

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 14.05.41

The phrases she uses as banners, are all taken directly from things that she has posted online in the last few years, but never talked about in person.

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 14.05.50

‘’The playful and celebratory nature of the banners contrasts their content, which is vague and lacks context, in order to keep the viewer at an emotional distance.’’

Anna Ladd.

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