Change of Focus: Keeping Corporate Comms Relevant

In the world of PR, change is the only constant.  It was just a matter of years ago that mediums such as direct mail and word of mouth were the primary methods of communication for brands and their campaigns.  These days, the world around us has increased dramatically in both size and speed.  With the instantaneous nature of communications that span across all media channels and social networks, it’s more important than ever that our approach remains both targeted and relevant.

Here at Propaganda, producing valuable content is crucial to our sustained, strategic approach.  We know that great content must be an important part of a successful communication plan, but we also understand the ever-growing need to ensure we stay focused, interesting and useful.

Brand Discovery™ is our unique process for getting to the heart of every brand we work with.  Undertaking an in-depth investigation of a business allows us unique insight and knowledge of how best to tailor our work to suit them.  We discover the most valuable ways to engage with every inch of the company: employees, management team, audience and relevant media sector.

Not only do we get to know the workings of brands both externally and internally, we also come to understand their history: the story of how they came to be.  This way, we can reclaim their narratives, driving strategic aims with an appreciation of every available channel.  And that’s the beauty of our unique approach: we don’t just react to the trends, we become an integral part of their creation.

Brand Discovery allows us to reinvigorate the PR model; it’s no longer just about putting out stories and crossing our fingers that they make waves.  Corporate comms is about creating the stories, tailoring them to suit the audience we’re reaching out to, and following through with the message, every step of the way.