A beautiful and sunny Hebden Bridge descended into a heady mix of  alien invasions, dance-offs, and a mass of Hollywood stars on Monday, as Adam Buxton hosted one his BUG shows. If you’re not familiar with BUG, it’s a tour that highlights weird and wonderful music promo’s from the indie music scene. It’s a great way to see some really interesting and creative videos that may have otherwise slipped you by. The video’s are mixed up with Adam Buxon’s comedy comparing, which mainly consists of him reading the video’s YouTube comments. It’s a simple but effective format, people’s real comment provide all the comedy you need! See this routine brought to life on his Never Mind the Buzzcocks episode. Here are some of my favourites from the evening:
First up, an incredibly entertaining and quite gruesome video for Royal Blood. I’ve never seen cuddly mascots seem so scary. It mixes footage with a lovely illustration provided my the illustrator of the TV show Super Jail. Prepare for 4 minutes of complete madness! Watch it here.
Another lovely illustration piece for ‘Cruisr’. The animation rolls through a list of classic films, how many can you spot? Watch it here.
And finally, Jus Reign and Timothy DeLa Ghetto entertain us with a bad dance off. Watch it here.