Ann Summers Asks Propaganda to Unlock Sex Retail Truths


‘Sex sells’ as the saying goes and Propaganda, who are no strangers to provocative and engaging campaigns, have been tasked with discovering how to leverage growth for the UK’s best-known pleasure retailer, Ann Summers. Through our unique process Brand Discovery, we’ll help drive the business to the next level and position the company for an age of multichannel retail.

The established brand, which has over 140 UK stores, a strong online customer base, and a popular party planning business, has tasked Propaganda with discovering brand truths, industry trends and helping the business to broaden appeal to existing consumers and new markets. From the first opening of a retail outlet in 1970, Ann Summers has seen considerable success and has brought what had traditionally been a taboo subject, into the heart of the high street.

Ann Summers success has been fueled by a bold brand strategy and increasingly cosmopolitan public attitude to sex. Some industry commentators have attributed this to the ’50 shades’ effect, helping to bring pleasure brands into mainstream culture and a hitherto untapped market.

Jacqueline Gold, Chief Executive of Ann Summers said: “By working with Propaganda, we’re looking to build on our many successes, and take the brand to the next level. As a company, we’re renowned for innovation, and this is one of the themes we’ll look to encourage moving forward.”

“For over 30 years we’ve been at the forefront of the pleasure industry. In that time, attitudes to sex have changed, and the retail landscape has been reinvented. Throughout it all, we’ve steadfastly empowered women from all backgrounds, to feel confident about themselves. We’ve been inspired by our customers throughout that time, and we’ve allowed them to unleash their sexual confidence.”

Propaganda Planning Director, Julian Horberry continued: “Ann Summers is a well established high equity brand: everyone has an opinion or a preconception. We’ll be looking at how Ann Summers fits into a new digital landscape in an increasingly competitive sector.”

“The business has been dividing opinion and driving buying trends for many years, and so has a strong sense of pride in their heritage, and customer relationships. Our Brand Discovery process will look at how we can build on company successes, and position Ann Summers as a dominant sector brand for the future, whilst retaining their unique edge.”