A Day in The Life of a Planner


However long the to do list at the beginning of the day – it will grow. Substantially.  Three projects will turn into four, which will merge with another, and then another, until you are left with an A4 pad of scribbling’s, reminders and, in my case, usually another list that helps to establish the most important things on the first list.

So yes. Planners are busy. At Propaganda, the Planning team are the engine that whirs away deep in the heart of the agency. Developing Brand Discovery, pushing forward Brand Health, researching markets, analysing industries and becoming experts on the many wide ranging brands and businesses that are under our care, get packaged together to fit snugly under the umbrella term of ‘Planning’.

What we don’t know about dildos? Don’t ask. Our opinion on the oil and gas industry? Profound. And it is this – the wide range of clients and services we offer – that keeps us Planners on our toes. Questioning and probing to ensure we gather insights fine tuned to the business objectives of our clients ensures that the strategy we put together is on point and invaluable. This is what increased ReFood’s revenue by 44%. This is what made the Triple Boost Bra Ann Summers’ most successful product launch yet. This is the roadmap we take our clients on to get them noticed in their industries.

Is this easy? No. It can be as painful as the deep-set splinter you can’t get out of your finger as you try to find the ‘nub’ of the problem. Drowning under white papers and interview manuscripts you know the answer is there, you just have to find it. Eventually however, you will. Gleaming like the ice in your gin and tonic you will have found the golden nugget that can then be developed into the strategy that will form the anchor of all our work and future relationship with the client.

And then? Our work here is done… Until you re-read your to do list…