28 Versions Later

Ben C final blog

I’m Ben. I’m a copywriter. I’ve written ads and copy about everything from cars to beer (often under the influence of the latter). But as it turns out I can’t write about myself for the life of me. In fact this is my 27th version.

In the first one I wittered on about how I’d worked in South Africa, Spain and Italy but it read like a bad travel article. In version 6 I tried writing about my hobbies, but it was about as exciting as a Haynes manual.

In version 12, I decided just to give the highlights of my life, before realising those key moments consisted of (1) winning a Maths Olympiad at school and (2) bowling out my creative director in an agency cricket match.

By now I was desperate. I realised that I was in fact the dullest man in England, and wondered how the hell I’d been doing this job for 18 years. So I wrote what you’ve just read. But come to think of it I don’t like this either. So here’s version 28:

Hi I’m Ben.  Pleased to meet you.