ReFood’s mission is to divert food waste from landfill by offering businesses a greener, safer and cheaper alternative. To establish it as the UK market leader in a new and evolving sector, the brand had to look and sound authoritative, modern and progressive, delivering a clear message that engaged on both commercial and sustainability issues.


Vision 2020 is a solution to the ever-growing food waste problem. Launched by ReFood, its aim is to bring about a change in Government strategy, to ban food waste from landfill. This is a brand for a movement rather than a business, developed to inspire action and commitment to the cause.


ReGROW is ReFood biofertilser brand. Each year, over 300,000 tons of ReGrow liquid digestate are supplied to the agricultural sector to help improve crop yields, providing a sustainable alternative to mined and chemical fertilisers.

The Green Standard

As new operators enter the market, we wanted to reinforce ReFood’s difference as the UK’s only fully integrated food chain recycler, offering a unique closed-loop service. The Green Standard is the guarantee that no corners are being cut and food waste is being handled responsibly, sustainably and efficiently.