It’s called Interesting Thursday, but for this post we shall call it Terrifying Thursday. Because we’re talking robots. And as everyone knows, robots are on the verge of taking over our jobs, our wars and our men/women. That’s right.

They think they can fool us with shiny cuteness and adorable little bleeps and blops. Take the so-called Untethered Miniature Origami Robot designed by scientists at MIT. It can walk, climb, carry objects twice its own weight, swim in shallow water and burrow. But here’s the scary bit: it can completely dissolve itself. Why does a robot need to do that? I’ll tell you. To destroy the evidence, that’s why.

Worried about privatisation of the NHS. That’s a walk in the park. You need to worry about robotinisation. The deceptively named Buddy is a hospital robot. Designer Linus Sundblad claims it’s a “friendly communications platform for hospitalized children.” Oh really? This is 2015, people. You think a young child is going to take his or her eyes of their iPad to interact with a wooden robot? I think not. There’s something well sinister going on here.buddy-1

At first glance, the music video/short film by Belgian director Charles De Meyer for Amon Tobin’s 2007 track Esther’s off Foley Room depicts a robot helping its ‘master’ woo a woman. But it doesn’t take a great leap of imagination before this metallic beast buries the guy in the garden and makes off with the beautiful girl.

Finally, they may not be robots in the strictest sense, but we really need to keep an eye on hairdryers. As this work by Antoine Terrieux demonstrates, when hairdryers get together they are capable of some potentially leathal stuff.

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That’s it for this week. Just remember the robots are watching you.