Interesting Thursdays

Vogue’s 100th Birthday Happy one hundredth Birthday to you, Vogue. The market has been awash with various celebrations in tribute to the quintessential fashion magazine… But if there’s one brand that celebrated this iconic birthday in style, it was Harvey…

By Lily Channell - On 19 May 2016

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Stop Press: The Future of Local Print

In a rapidly evolving media landscape, nowhere is the pace of change and its wide ranging impacts more stark than in regional media. With a market trend of circulation decline, dailies reducing output to weekly, and some print titles ceasing…

By Julian Pearce - On 18 May 2016

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Interesting Thursdays

Candide Thovex is well know for his creative approach to the sport of freestyle skiing.  Audi collaborated with him to create this incredible commercial…   Next up are these paper crafted scenes by Adrian and Gidi who specialise in tangible still…

By Corey Benfield - On 12 May 2016

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Interesting Thursdays

Do not be deceived by the title of this film, it has not been directed by Guy Ritchie nor was it a smash-hit in the 80’s. Roadliners tells the story of the people employed in the skilled art of road…

By Sophie Killingray - On 5 May 2016

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Meet the Social & PR Trio

  Libby   What’s your age and name? Libby Windle and I’m 22 years old.   What did you study at university and where? Fashion Communication and Promotion at the University of Huddersfield.   What are your hobbies and interests?…

By Amy Miller - On 29 Apr 2016

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