Interesting Thursdays

Who hasn’t wondered what a famous literary work would look like if you stripped out all the words, and only left the punctuation? You no longer have to thanks to Nicholas Rougeux and his Between the Words projects. You can…

By Joseph Hughes - On 21 Jan 2016

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Getting it Write: The Unwritten Rules of PR

The world of PR advances rapidly.  Every day, new technologies, forms of social media, and ways of connecting with both clients and audiences break the surface, and it’s our job to keep up, and use these tools to leverage success…

By Kate Ryrie - On 20 Jan 2016

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Rule. Ann Summers Valentine’s Campaign

Ann Summers has the power to help you reign supreme this Valentine’s day. Ann Summers is a brand that speaks to every woman: across ages, personality and sexual experience. With Propaganda’s latest campaign for the retailer, we encourage all women…

By Leah Hepworth - On 19 Jan 2016

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Interesting Thursdays

Last Sunday, David Bowie passed away. As we spent Monday in the Propaganda office listening to his hits, (I think most of the country did), I decided this Thursday we should pay tribute to some of the interesting things about…

By Niamh Deehan - On 14 Jan 2016

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Starting 2016 as we mean to go on

We’re only a few weeks into the new year, but we’re already gearing up for an exciting one here at Propaganda. Along with a number of brand launches in the coming months, we’ve got new visual identities set to be…

By Julian Pearce - On 13 Jan 2016

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