#SocialSeen Trending Now: #MuseumWeek

Today marks the first day of #MuseumWeek, a clever worldwide social media trend devised by @MarDixon of @CultureThemes. In her bid to revitalise peoples preconceptions that museums are dull, stuffy places, Mar has devised a week long social activity to…

By Jenna Stirland - On 24 Mar 2014

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#SocialSeen: A £2m Return On Zero Investment for CANCER RESEARCH

When we saw barefaced selfies of friends, colleagues, strangers popping up on Facebook, Instagram et al, we did question (and struggle to see) the rationale. How can taking a picture of yourself without make-up be relevant to cancer research? And…

By Claire Anderson - On 24 Mar 2014

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Interesting Thursday

Interesting Thursday appears to be growing a beard. Well it’s not really a beard, it’s more of a small hair growth around the face. A light breeze or a cats tongue would probably whip it off sharpish. Why are we…

By - On 20 Mar 2014

#SocialSeen: Hair, tresses, locks, mops, barnets… the mane event at Leeds Gallery

When I heard Leeds Gallery was running an exhibition called ‘Saturday Girl’, focused around young women’s relationships with their hair, I was excited to drag the social team over for a gander. Having worked closely with ghd, Cloud Nine Hair…

By Claire Anderson - On 17 Mar 2014

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The international fashion weeks have now wrapped up, but in addition to the flocks on the catwalks, there were some social media moments that really stood out for me this year. The Givenchy show at Paris Fashion Week kicked off…

By Jenna Stirland - On 13 Mar 2014

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