Interesting Thursday

Blimey. Is it that time again? Thursday comes around quick eh? Almost feels weekly these days. Anyhow, enough of this tomfoolery – lets get down to the business of parading visual treats in front of your eyes like a big…

By - On 28 Aug 2014

Interesting Thursday

Planes, skateboards and Samuel L. Jackson. No, no, not the title of his next film (nothing will beat Snakes on a Plane anyway) – it’s this weeks Interesting Thursday. Expect many wondrous and delightful things, but mostly expect some visual treats,…

By - On 21 Aug 2014

The Fresh Awards

Award shows. We’ve all entered them. Filled out all the forms. Printed our work onto foam board. Packaged it all up nicely. Posted them off like an anxious parent waving goodbye to their young on the Club 18-30 holiday to…

By - On 20 Aug 2014

Kryolan Wows London. And We’re There To Capture It.

Once again, our make-up client, Kryolan, managed to freshly astound its audience of professional make-up artists at its London Masterclass at the magnificent Royal Opera House last weekend. And I was lucky enough to attend and watch some of the…

By Claire Anderson - On 18 Aug 2014

A Tribute To The Invincible Girl

7 years ago, on 11th August 2007, Sophie Lancaster was brutally attacked in a Lancashire park because of her alternative appearance. She never regained consciousness and died two weeks later. To mark the seventh anniversary of the attack, raise crucial…

By Jenna Stirland - On 12 Aug 2014

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