Want to immerse yourself in the world of Illamasqua? In stores now is the Propaganda developed first edition of the Illamasqua magazine. The I’mPerfection issue give you new product, tips from our passionate blogging community,  and an insight into why…

By Jonathan Palmer - On 4 Feb 2013

Interesting Thursday

Oh Thursday. Thursday, Thursday, Thursday. Our favourite day, for you bring joy, happiness and probably a picture of a cat, some kind of weird underground photography or some dude falling off a wall. First up, a smashing and sweet photography…

By Ben Bateson - On 31 Jan 2013


Propaganda’s own brand Illamasqua has always dared to be different and fight against a homogenised looks dictated by the beauty industry: the world isn’t perfect so why should we all aspire to be perfect? The SP13 Propaganda developed campaign “I’m-perfection”…

By Jonathan Palmer - On 31 Jan 2013

Interesting Thursday

Another Thursday is upon us. Time to bring out the good stuff again then. This weeks gang of Interesting includes lovely looking hosiery, cool as biz business cards, superheroes behind closed doors and photography that looks a bit blurred. Enjoy.…

By Ben Bateson - On 24 Jan 2013

New product tease for Illamasqua

On the 31st Jan Illamasqua launches a new product innovation for SP13 as part of their I’mPerfection campaign. Check out the Propaganda developed teaser video below:    

By Jonathan Palmer - On 22 Jan 2013

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