Interesting Thursday

Pretty hard to burger type this burger as burger Interesting burger Thursday and friends are heading burger out for burgers at lunch burger. Not that burger that’s distracting us burger from bringing you delights burger for your peepers. Not in the slightest. Burger.    …

By Ben Bateson - On 10 Apr 2014

Propaganda Redefines Lantor’s Brand Proposition

Propaganda has been working with Lantor over the last 18 months to redefine their proposition (through Brand Discovery) to position them as innovators at the forefront of their sector. Lantor works in collaboration with medical organisations to develop and manufacture ingenious nonwoven textiles for the…

By Rachel Stephens - On 3 Apr 2014

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Interesting Thursday

Flippin’ ‘eck, is it Thursday again? Flies around dunnit? Well, luckily for you, the drawer of super-super-super-super-super-super-super-super-dooper-dooper-dooper-dooper-dooper-dooper-eye-smacking-goodness-me-that-looks-ace-where-do-you-find-this-treasure-trove-of-ass-smacking-interesting has been filling up nicely this week. TFL etiquette posters. ‘Tweaked’ by The Poke:   Nice nice illustration by Laurent Durieux:   And…

By Ben Bateson - On 3 Apr 2014

#SocialSeen – What a Fabergé idea.

Launched today, the Fabergé & Harrods collaboration marks a significant movement in enhancing the consumer instore experience through social media. This morning Harrods unveiled the promotional digital-portrait installation they call the ‘Fabergé Cinescope’ which gives the opportunity for consumers to try the famous…

By Jenna Stirland - On 1 Apr 2014

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Propaganda’s Visit to Clipper’s E-fulfillment Centre of Excellence

Propaganda recently visited Clipper’s E-fulfillment Centre of Excellence in Selby, where we saw first hand the processes in place to deal with delivery and returns for some of the biggest names in retail. The site is one of 32 operated…

By Julian Pearce - On 31 Mar 2014

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