Interesting Thursday

Soooooo, that was summer then? Hope you enjoyed those four days of fun. Actually, look at it as a bonus. You don’t wanna ago out, so you can stay in and feast your eyes on more marvellous things gathered from…

By Ben Bateson - On 22 May 2014

Celebrating a Cool 100K Facebook Fans With Kryolan Professional Make-up

One hundred thousand (100,000) is the natural number following 99999 and preceding 100001. In scientific notation, it is written as 105. And at Propaganda, we are over the moon to be celebrating this magic number of Facebook fans with our brilliant client, Kryolan Professional…

#SocialSeen Are you ready to unplug?

When did you last get FOMO? This phenomenon (fear of missing out) has become a social-media inflicted disease, infiltrating the central nervous system every time a party you weren’t at or a holiday you weren’t on crops up on your…

By Emily Booth - On 19 May 2014

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The recycling business that’s good for business

Twelve months on from the official launch of ReFood’s Waste For Good brand campaign, their first campaign working in collaboration with Propaganda, the results make for impressive reading: a 33% increase in their customer base and a huge 256% increase in…

By Rachael Kynaston - On 14 May 2014

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Technology at Table

My name is Emily and I am a food pornographer. I should clarify now that I don’t personally engage in the act of the snap, but consider myself more an idle observer. I can spend hours drooling over filtered images…

By Emily Booth - On 9 May 2014

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